My Midwest Kitchen


Living in Chicago, many of us have been spoiled by the abundance of food choices.  Tonight, not only was I spoiled, but I was surprised, entertained and left in awe! We went to Mexique in West Town and what an experience it was! Not only was I blown away by the complex flavors, textures and combinations, but the chef and waitstaff were exceptional. Both explained many things about the Mexican/French fusion menu and we really felt so welcomed. Plus, each plate was artfully assembled in such perfection that it was one of those times that you didn’t want to ruin the presentation by eating (as if that stopped us).  


I’ve had many a tartares in my day, but the one we shared (pictured above) blew any I’ve ever had out of the water. The finely diced filet was combined with caper guacamole and topped with a perfectly poached egg.  The chipotle sauce on the side was a perfect kick to cut the richness of the meat and guacamole and so good that I wish they bottled and sold it.


For my meal I had the Asada, which came with yukon potatoes and a goat cheese fondue.  The steak was cooked to a perfect medium rare (so hard it seems these days) and I was so satisfied that I could not finish the meal and enjoyed my leftovers the next day.

This was one of the best food experiences I’ve had in recent memory. Be sure to check out Mexique!