My Midwest Kitchen

Cheesy Polenta

The word “cheesy” automatically makes everything better. Cheesy potatoes, cheesy bread, cheesy jokes, cheesy cheese…you get the picture. Unfortunately, cheesy and healthy do not go together, but this is the time of year where I allow myself to indulge and luckily I have plenty of buddies that I can unload such indulgences on after I have my go. The best part of cooking, after all, is sharing…because sharing is caring and I care about sharing my cheesy polenta. Is that weird? Ha! Like I care. 🙂 


Indian Cooking Class – Barrington, IL

Hello, friends! It has been several weeks since I have done any writing. I’ve cooked, but have not taken my usual moments to snap some pictures and record my recipes to share. I am so behind on some items that I have previewed and really hope to get to them sooner than later. The return to a new school year has left me in a state of craziness as I try to return to my routine, yet am getting derailed by the everyday work surprises and tasks that fall on my plate (haha…plate…me = food blogger…get it?).

As a part of my food adventures and interests, I have found that I love teaching others about cooking. Being a teacher by day and a number of other things by night (cook, dog mom, gym goer, reader, clean freak, wanderer, meaning of life investigator, etc), I have found that I really enjoy educating others about being a success in the kitchen. A niche for me is definitely Indian cooking since I have found that many people enjoy this spicy cuisine, but do not always have the know how to work dishes at home. Sure, there are thousands of online resources and recipes, but nothing quite compares to a hands on experience in the kitchen! 

Last week I traveled to Barrington, IL to my friend Alexis’ mom’s (Elena’s) home and entertained a group of her friends with an Indian cooking demonstration. I was super excited because I had done this with Elena and two of her friends earlier this year and felt so good that she wanted the experience again and with more of her friends. Hooray! I must have done a decent job. 🙂