My Midwest Kitchen

Lemon Mint Detox Water

January. January is a frigid, dreary month and there is just not a lot going on. It’s the month of my sister’s birthday (sorry, Sissy), and well, that’s it. January = eh. So, to make January a little more exciting, like many of you, I have designated January a detox month (is exciting the appropriate word here?). Is there really a better time to detox than the first month of the year? These past weeks have been filled with low calorie, healthy recipes to clear my system of all the gloriousness of the holiday season. Gloriousness = mac and cheese, chocolate, potatoes, meat, drinks, butter, and pretty much all that happens between Thanksgiving Day and New Year’s. It is my most favorite time of year, but my body has paid the price. While weeks of clean eating is not always fun (like I’m ready for some chips and salsa), it sure has its benefits. I am enjoying  more energy, quality sleep, and mindful eating practices. But, my absolute FAVORITE part of this month of cleansing has been my Lemon Mint Detox water. “Water,” you say? YES! 


French Onion Soup

During frigid winter days, there is nothing quite like a hearty bowl of warm soup. These recent Chicago weeks have brought us snow, freezing rain, below zeros temperatures, and peeks of sun in between. Most of the time I wish I were in bed under my electric blanket or on the couch hiding from the elements. Soup is the perfect way remedy to these days, right? Then again, when I was a child and home to eat lunch during the summer months, my first request would be soup. My dad would exclaim, “But, this is not soup weather!” I still just don’t understand because isn’t any weather soup weather?