My Midwest Kitchen

Chile Relleno Casserole

I am not sure when I discovered the chile relleno. I think it was in college (Indiana University..GO HOOSIERS) and my sister and I would go to La Charreada for lunch or dinner. No matter when we would go, it somehow turned into endless laughs and silliness over some white queso dip and chips. Oh, and over my chile relleno. We called La Charreada our “happy place,” because we always had such a grand time even on a random Wednesday. And what is there not to be happy about if it isn’t some Mexican food? 

Chile rellenos are a stuffed poblano peppers that are breaded and then deep fried. As much as I love cooking, I am not skilled at frying anything. Frying scares me due to the unhealthiness, but truly more so because I am a klutz. Even as I type I am thinking about my recent tummy burn from spilling boiling water on myself from a boiled egg fiasco. How is it that I have a cooking blog? Safety first, Hyam. Safety! 

The idea of a chile relleno casserole came to me