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Cooking Classes

Do you want to host a fun, unique gathering? Consider hosting an in home cooking class!  I will travel to your home and work with your requests to give you and your family and friends a fun experience in the kitchen!  


I specialize in Indian cooking classes. These include background information on the  cuisine, a hands on experience in the kitchen, and recipes and spice kits to recreate the dishes at home.  

Not into Indian food? Perhaps you’d rather do a spread of appetizers, work on some kitchen basics, or create an elegant meal. No matter what, I would love to hear your vision and customize an experience for your gathering. (Perfect for a girls’ night!)



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“I spent an absolutely delightful evening with Hyam learning about the flavors and traditions of Indian cooking.  There was an awesome blend of demonstration and opportunity to lend a hand in the kitchen, intermixed with wine and good friends 🙂  The evening closed enjoying the fruits of our labor, (which was delicious!) and I loved the to-go packs provided so that I could re-create the recipe at home.  I was previously intimidated by cooking Indian food, but now it is something I love incorporating into my home kitchen.” – Renee T. 

“Hyam was kind enough to invite me to her Indian Cooking Class.  The dish I cooked at home after the class was Palak Mater, and it was fantastic!  The spices were awesome, and the creamy spinach dish was superb!  I did add chicken for a little more protein, and loved it.  Thanks Hyam for the recipe, measuring out the amounts of spices to use, the cooking demo, and best of all your company!” – Nancy W. 

“As someone who infrequently cooks and is easily intimidated by any meal requiring multiple steps and ingredients, I’m really grateful for my class with Hyam. The pace she set, ease of instructions, and her friendly, encouraging manner made it such a comfortable (and delicious) experience. She’s the perfect hostess for a small group instructional dinner party!”- Casey C.

“Hyam’s cooking class was a great way to spend an evening with friends!  Hyam is very friendly and she made the class super fun.  The instructions were easy to replicate on your own, and Hyam even sent us home with a spice packet so we could just add peas and have our own home-cooked Indian meal! I would highly recommend working with Hyam to schedule an Indian cooking-demo of your own.” -Meaghan O.

“We have only recently started to eat Indian cuisine, and after tasting all the flavors we would never think that we would be able to cook such a delicious meal. But, after attending Hyam’s demonstration we think that one day we will actually give it a try. She did a great job of explaining the different flavors in the two dishes she prepared, how they worked within the dish, and how to cook the meal. We loved the demonstration and loved more eating the meal!!!!” -Jacki and Brian T.

“I am fairly new to Indian cuisine, having avoided it for most of my adult life, but My Midwest Kitchen not only brought out a new culinary interest in me, but also gave me confidence that I am not, in fact, a one-trick pony in the kitchen. She gave me the tools (literally and figuratively) to recreate the delicious Indian meal, and while I’m not sure my own version will ever compare to hers, she created such a warm and inviting environment that I’m sure even if the food hadn’t been as amazing as it was, we wouldn’t have noticed. MMK is a true hostess in every sense of the word – she wants people to be comfortable in her home, learn the true roots of the dish she’s created, and most importantly, EAT. I left feeling knowledgeable, content, and loved. What more could you ask for in a cooking class?” – Jessie M. 

“What a delicious experience exploring Indian cooking in the kitchen of Hyam. She gives you the history of the regional area and of the spices she uses in the preparation. All this is going on as your working side by side with her. Then you sit down to a beautiful presentation by her at a festively decorated table setting. Magical.” – Judy F. 

“If we hadn’t been cooking at Hyam’s beautiful home I would have thought we were in India. The spices, the scents and the knowledge Hyam shared made the event such a unique cultural experience.  I’ve taken a number of cooking classes before and never have I ever had such an authentic, ethnic experience.  Thanks Hyam!!” – Michela B.

“I attended an Indian cooking class led by Hyam. I was very impressed that she seemed very prepared when we arrived, had already done most or all of the prep work. We were able to grab a glass of wine and relax! I am not very familiar with Indian food and have never tried to make it at home, so I was very intrigued by the spices used. It was very interesting to learn about the health benefits of some of the spices, like turmeric. All of the food was amazing, tasted freshly prepared and was definitely filling. Hyam sent us home with packets of spices and instructions to make one of the dishes! Definitely an easy way to make my first Indian meal at home! I would absolutely attend another class. It would be a great idea for a book club, work event, double date or just a group of girlfriends that want to learn a recipe and enjoy some amazing food!”-Kara L.